Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 - surprise email!!!

Brian in his skinny Euro suit!  
Hey family,

Elder Schoof hadn't done his email yet so we had to go to the library and I decided to write you another letter. I'm all moved in. All I have to do is install the Chris Collins bell onto the bike I'm borrowing from Elder Schoof because he bought Elder Beard's and now has two. I may have to buy another bike but I'm really hoping not. We will see. I hate moving. I got all my stuff in the bags pretty nicely though. I'm planning on shipping some stuff home either soon and/or after winter. What do you think?

Not much to report on. I just got into Lappeenranta and getting familirized. Lappeenranta seems like a really nice place. It's full of Russians! About 1/4 are Russian. It's going to be cool. I'm hoping I will stay here for more than 1 change. ! change in a place is way too short. i need at least 2 to feel alright. I'm excited to be here. They have a medium size Finnish ward (around 50 people) which I'm pretty excited for. i ddin't really like the big wards. I much rather like the small wards. you get to know people better and it feels more comfortable. I am excited to meet the ward on Sunday. I hear nothing but great things about this ward so I'm looking forward to meeting them. We have an investigator with a baptismal date which is pretty cool. Elder Beard and Elder Schoof say that she can't comprehend anything of what they teach her but she just feels the spirit and wants to be baptized. "So I got that going for me......which is nice" There you go Train! Caddyshack!

I got Mom's and Dad's latest letters. That's crazy what happened to the house. Have you moved back in yet? Is everything good again? 

I liked the birthday wishes page. That was way cool. Have you heard from anyone?

European gear. That's funny that Scott is jealous. I don't want you to think I'm spending a lot of money out here. I have 5 suits. The two I came in with. The brown awesome 3-piece 5 euro suit. The gray wool 4 euro suit (which i decided to leave in haaga because I don't think I'll ever wear it). And the 40 euro real nice suit I bought from Elder Struthers which I was wearing in the pictures. To answer about the pointy shoes, i have a pair. Someone left a pair in the Haaga apartment and I took them. YES!! I have been picking up cheap skinny ties here and there. The main thing you need is European shirts. They are expensive. I have one because I traded Elder Fuchs in the MTC. the American poofy parachute shirts don't work very well with them. I'm glad you like it though. With a simple "go for it" I will go get more ;)

Also, I believe I have a USB Port in my room. If you could add that to my next package that would be great because I have pictures and I have to delete them after I send them to you so I have room. With a USB port, I can keep everything. If that's possible that would be great.

I got the chain letter the other day. The guys seem like they are doing great. All of them have been in the field for over a year. CRAZY! McKay is coming home soon. That's wild! This is going by really fast. I'll be home in no time. I'm closing in on a year really quick.

That's all I have.

Love you all,
Vanhin Behnke

Silly picture!

Looks like dinner - groovy chair cover Brian!  :)

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