Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hey family,

I started shaving with a real razor last Tuesday. My face burns all the time. I bought some after shave stuff and it was just like Home Alone haha. I think it's working. Today was the first day, I didn't cut myself. WOO HOO!!! GROWING UP!
I forgot. How did the house flood again? When can you move back in?
So Chris called. That's great. I forgot about that. He has called me every birthday. That's why he is my best friend. He is a stud. I know how to pick em' :) He should be getting my letter soon because i sent it out the same time as Abbey's. Drew wrote me, eh?I thought for sure i would never hear from him. That should be a good letter. I'm excited.
Espoo. We travel by train and/or bus. I sold my bike to Elder Christiensen, who still hasn't paid me. I'm going to need to call him soon about that. We have 3 investigators, one we are trying to help stop smoking. It's going well. I haven't been to the temple yet or seen it but we are thinking about going next week with Elder's Stuthers and Baccile. DOUBLE DATE!!! haha. The weathe ris hot here. WAY HOT!! Finns are all about energy saving so there really is no air conditioning in the entire country so thats fun. The light doesn't bother us because Elder Butler tin foiled out windows in the bedroom. Problem solved. I don't know when the sun sets because it always looks between 10 am-3 pm out everyday. I haven't seen the night since Savonlinna.
Language school was great. Everyone was going so well. Elders Gorringe and Fuchs are really good at the language. It was really good to see Elder Pond again. It was fun to see him. He seems to be doing really well. The sisters are good. I tried to take a cooler action photo of me and the sisters instead of us just standing next to each looking really uncomfortable but it kind of looks weird. They are just on their phones or looking away so they didn't come out the way I planned. I will send them to you. After langauge school, it started raining hard and me, Butler, Struthers, Baccile, and Sisters Zimmerman and Kelly were stuck ina tram (light rail thing) because the streets were flooded to the knees. It was way cool!
Story. Elder Butler and I go out this this one place by the beach with these really nice apartments. It was such a rough day so far and I'm talking with Elder Butler how ridiculously tired we are as we are looking at a map, when all of sudden, this car stops in front of us. "Excuse me boys, can you help us? (in Finnish)" says the Red Bull girls in the Red Bull car. So we are just like "ya what's up?" They wanted to know where the beach so we were able to help them out there.
Dad's quotes:    Never take sides against the family: Godfather
                        John Wayne, that's a terrible cowboy name: Shanghai Noon
I still got it. Give me some harder ones.
Matt has got a girlfirend. Sweet. The picture was really dark so I couldn't get a good look. I bet she's cute though cause Matt is the man.
My dear friend, Elder Higginson went home last Monday due to a knee injury. It's sad. He was probably my best friend out here in the field. Be sure to talk to him and try and get me updated with his status. 
LeBron and the Heat. That is a way good team especially with Dwayne and Chris Bosh. They will be good.
 That's all i got today. I will send you some pcitures. In the language school pictures, I'm wearing Elder Stuthers suit because he wants me to buy it from him so he let me test run it.
Take care and love you all,
Vanhin Behnke
Tell the Secors I say hei


  1. More suits??????? Sad to hear one came home. Loved the shaving story:)

  2. How come I know that we will be getting more than 3 Euro suits by the time Brian comes home! :)

    Elder Higginson for those who are worried about him - he has chondromalacia, which is what some people may call "runners knee" - it is extremely painful and needs to be rested. Sis. Higginson believes that Elder H will be able to return to Finland after some intense physcial therapy. Cross your fingers!