Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 24, 2010 - a break from the action

DESERET NEWS, Saturday edition, Sports Section - FRONT PAGE

A little break from the missionary news.  This picture appeared in the paper on Saturday.  Very funny.  His friend Darrian emailed me with the info.  Luckily, because I don't get the Deseret News and would have totally missed this.  This was taken in 2008 when they were all freshman.  It was a fun surprise!

Elder Nathan Stanford - Arcadia California Mission
Elder McKay Potter - Colorado Springs Colorado Mission
Elder Steven Knapp - Des Moines Iowa Mission (no facepaint)
Elder Andy Perez - Jacksonville Florida Mission (glasses on)
Elder Brian Behnke - with the Y hat on.........don't know the other guy in front with the 'joker' facepaint as Ellie calls it.

It was fun to see these boys - they are going to have a BLAST when they all get back from their missions.

To see the full article, check out site below.


(sorry, tried to copy picture but it wouldn't let me......dang copyrighting)  :)

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