Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010


I'm off to Lappeenranta. It's right next to the border of Russia. I'm replacing Elder Beard and I will be serving with Elder Schoof. They have a baptismal date so hopefully I don't screw that up.

I got your package with the the teaching stuff and chocolate. It's great. Thanks for all the letters. For next package, I need deordorant. Did Drew send me a letter?

For packages, send to me in my apartment unless it's really close to a change calls. All letters, send to the mission office. 

I like the cold here much more than the summer. I'm excited for the winter to roll back around. That's what we learned when our apartment was ridiculously hot, that it would suck to be in Africa. 

The boots. Sorry i keep forgetting about that question. They weren't very helpful. My toes freeze either way. The dress shoes are better to use because they are easier to put on. 

I have pictures to send to you. I have one in front of the temple but not one of the temple. Everyone in the picture is wearing European suits except for me and I look like a fool haha. 

Pictured outside of the Helsinki temple with Elders Bacille, Struthers and Butler with who we think is a tourist but can't be sure - I am thinking the camera might give it away, will have to ask Brian.

That's all i got. I leave tomorrow night for Lappeenranta.

Love you all,
Hei he

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