Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Hey Family,

I got the The Fed Ex package. Whoa! There was a ton of football stuff! I liked the Driver story. I didn't know that stuff about him how he was a drug dealer and car theif. Pretty crazy. I also like the article about Jake Plummer. I thought that was pretty cool if you guys read  that. We have newspaper articles of the Packer game laying all over our apartment. Elder Peck knows absolutely nothing about football.The other day, I was asking him if he even knew of any NFL players. He says, " Yah, I know who Collins is. He had a 37 yard touchdown return against the Steelers in the Super Bowl." It was really funny. Now, Elder Peck knows a lot about just the super bowl and that's about it. He knows that the "Packers beat the bears and a very large man had an interception for a tocuhdown." What do the Packers even need in the draft?

Speaking of the story that Presdient Walker told about how the Lord directs you to people who need in, that just happened to us last night. Elder Peck and I were tracting and the idea to go back to this guy who wasn't very interested when we talked to him shot into my mind. We left tracting, drove to the guy's house, knocked on the door. I was still thinking it's a slim chance anything with come of this and plus that nights were off and it looked as if no one was home. He answered, we asked if he had time and he said, "Why not" We were so excited! We went in and taught him and his wife. At the end, they weren't interested to learn anymore. But we gave them a Book of Mormon and they promised us (promises are big in this culture) that they would read it. So, though we didn't get a new investigator, I think we really needed to go place that Book of Momorn there. Something, myabe even way in the future, will come from that Book of Mormon. This is a very quick summary of the story but it was pretty cool. We are also going back to a guy with a smiliar type story that happened to us right after I write this letter. It's exciting with the things that happen to a missionary.

That's all I have right now. As for a package, I think cereal would be awesome and if, at all possible, judging that it's cheap, do you think you could send us The Best of Enya cd or something of Enja or Sisel. That would be wonderful. That's all I have. Thank you for everything and I will write you again next week.

Vanhin Behnke

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