Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010

Hey Family
I'm in Kerava. It's crazy that I'm in my fourth city already. Elder Watson is still in Joensuu!

Kerava is ok. It's nothing compared to the beauty of Savonlinna or Lappeenranta. It has a bunch of gold roads. I feel like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz. I have a car though! So now I'm rolling around in my Opel. I learned how to drive a stick. I stalled twice at a stop light and couldn't get the car going and there was a huge line of cars behind me. Then, the light turned red and I was still there hahaha.

The 3 some is good. Elder Baccile is awesome and Elder Hybarger is way cool too. Elder Hybarger is crazy awesome at Finnish. With Elder Schoof, he said everything pretty simple and never used anything that I didn't know. With Elder Hybarger, I'm like a greenie all over again. He is crazy awesome. I'm going to learn so much! For our threesome, we are going to have a Tri-Wizard Tournamnet like in Harry Potter and compete in something every p-day. the 8th of November is bowling. Today, is pool. It's going down!

On Sunday, I wanted to do something fun going into this dinner appointment. In Finland, they always tell you to take more food if it tastes good and they always keep telling you to take food. So I decided that we were going to have to take more food everytime they offer us. We are NEVER playing this game again. We were dead. I have never eaten so much mashed potatoes in my life. Elder Baccile looked like he was ready to die. It was pretty funny when we would finish our plates and then she would say "take more!""ALRIGHT!!!" haha. Elder Hybarger was laughing the whole time and we were all ready to throw up. We ate so much food. It was pretty sweet that we are all so competetive that we couldn't give up.

Halloween isn't really celebrated here. Stores sell things but there really is no trick o treating. The ward here is pretty big. It's about 60 or members. I like it. They are really nice. We went to primary this Sunday and sang songs. Us 3 are going to be in the primary program the following the Sunday haha. It should be fun.

The thing that Scott set to me in Finnish makes no sense haha. It translates to something like this:

To strike astray you lots (lots= as in the casting of lots in the scripture sense). To make love to you a small amount neighbor.

Thanks Scott! I like it and I think I got the real meaning out of it :)  A little dose of how hard it was adjusting to Finnish that Finns speak.  In the MTC I learned, for example, how to say a statement like this:
I come from the building= Minä tulen talosta
Finns says it in a lot of ways, 1 common one is this: Talost mä tun

It's hard! :)

I love you all. Talk to you soon.

Vanhin Behnke

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