Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hye family,

I'm leaving Lappeenranta and going to Kerava. Huge shock to me and Elder Schoof. We thought for sure that I was going to stay. Elder Schoof is training a new missionary in Turku. Kerava is a small town near Helsinki. I haven't heard good things from Elder Slade or really anyone about Kerava but it should all good because it's the Chritsmas season. My new companions are Elder Hybarger and Elder Baccile. So, I'm in another trio. This is Elder Hybarger's last change and I get to be with Elder Baccile which is sweet! Elder Hybarger is amazing at finnish so I'm super stoked to learn from him. He was Elder Gorringe's old companion so you can ask a lot about him from Sister Gorringe. I'm a little bummed that I won't be able to see H's baptism but it's ok. At least he is getting baptized.

A quick recap on the status of what is going on here.

H's date is set fro December 4th and he is ready for it. He is going for it and is keeping all the commitments with no problems. He truly is like the King which Ammon taught. "Yea, I ill believe all the words thou syaest." He will do everything we ask. He gained a pretty solid testimony from following the Word of Wisdom because he just feels great. We have covered all the commandments but just need to explain everything a little more and he is willing to do what it takes. He already refers to the church as "Our church." It's fanatstic.

N and T. They have the baptismal date for November 20th. They cancelled our last teach and we tried to get a hold of them but they never answered. We called her last night and she answered and said "call back later." We called her back later and she rejected our call. It's not looking too good. Hopefully, she is just busy. The new missionararies can hopefully get somethng set up with her.

E is still staying the same. Not progressing too fast but not falling away. Still keeping commitments for the most part but won't be baptized until her daughter accepts it. Maybe the change up of missionaries can help her out.

R.  We couldn't get an appointment scheduled with him but he is still willing to meet and still investigating.

F. New invetsigator. He is from Iraq. He speaks proficient Finnish. His family isn't too interested. He is very curious about the church and willing to learn and do more.

A.  Super busy and could just not get anything set up. It is very hard to get sure appointments with her.

Less actives: 
L - Taught about temples and knows that he needs to follow the Word of Wisdom in order to go. He has taken big steps in his process of getting rid of coffee and smoking. He is making progress.
A - Called us yestereday and wanted to come to church and needed a ride. Set one up and he came and asked for a Book of Mormon. He also gave Elder Schoof a referral for Turku. Cool.
I - Cancelled both of our appointments with him. Texted us and said that he doesn't want to have anymore talks about the church and said that it is easier for him to just stay away from the church. He also told us to not give his number to the new veljet coming in. Well, maybe the new velhet can help him out :)
S - Still sick and can't come.
P - All he needs is a ride to church and he is no longer inactive
V- Wants a big change in his life but not willing to do anything. Hopefully, the new veljet and keep trying to pump him with the gospel and helping him get more healthy activeness in his life.

I don't have a lot of time. So, I'm write you again next week.

Vanhin Behnke

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