Monday, October 4, 2010

Occtober 4, 2010

Hei Family,
I hope all is going well and that you enjoyed conference. Elder Schoof and I ended up going to Mikkeli with Elder Powell and Elder Balls. I traveled by bus. It was around a 2 hour bus ride. We got there on Friday night. We had splits the next day leading up to the first session of conference which started at 7:00 p.m. here. We watched it in English. We had ice cream at the end of each session :) The flavors were orange, chocolate nougat, berry, and a blend of chocolate,vanilla, and strawberry. 
Conference. It was a pretty good one. Elder Uchtdorf's talk on pride in the priesthood session was pretty spectactular. That is one you need to watch. It was a really powerful one. I think I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk on simplicity the most. He talked about Vince Lombardi! I thought it was so good. I really thought it was funny how he opened it with the tree rings. "I know what you are thinking, what in the world does this have to do with flying an airplane." That was really funny.  That talk was so good. I like the quote he brought up from Leonardo Di Vinci which says "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." I liked it. I also liked the story of the astronauts and how their ball point pens wouldn't work and NASA spends millions of dollars to invite an anti-gravity pen. Then he aksed so what did they use then until that time? a pencil" It was great. Those 2 were probably my favorites. But looking back, they were all so good. I like all of the First presidency's talks, Elder Holland's, Elder Christofferson's, Elder David M. McConkie's, Elder Patrick M. Nelson's (maybe becuase of his awesome accent, but the talk was still awesome too) from Priesthood session, Elder Scott's, Elder Packer's, Elder Oaks', Elder Bednar's, Elder Maryn B. Arnold's, and Elder Ballard's. So yah, pretty much all of them I loved. What about you? Tell me more about what you liked.
Does Thunderridge throw all the time?  Tell Hunter that "I'm super-duper of proud of him". I'm sorry about Hunter's collarbone. That super duper sucks (haha) but that seriosuly is a bummer. He is a tosi mies (real man).  I'm  trying to bring back the phrase "super-duper" as well as the thumbs up. I taught Sister Voima the thumbs up haha. It was funny. Do you still talk to Sister Summerhays? 
I think Zach T. is out for the year. Is Justin playing? I haven't heard from Chris in a while. I got a letter from Todd. He wants to join in on the letter forwarding thing that you do. What else is going on?

Sorry about pictures. Next week. I'm still in Mikkeli and leave back to LPR today. I don't know how to really work this computer. Next time, I will send pictures.

Oh ya,
I got sick this past week with the flu that like every one in LPR has. So that sucked. Today, I woke up with pink eye in both eyes. It's an advenure here. haha
Splits with Elder Powell went really well. He is amazing at speaking finnish. I was struck at first. He was so good. I always heard he was good but I didn't think that good. It was a fun splits. We found a new investigator down here and scheduled a couple of appointments with some new people for them. It went really well. Today, we are going to check out the Mikkeli prison gift shop. We thought it was just hilarious that they have a prison gift shop so we are going to check that out.
How are things at home?  Who won conference bingo?
Let me know. I love you all.
Vanhin Behnke 
Well, I love you all
Take care,
Vanhin Behnke
p.s. I would love to hear all about their trip

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