Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hei Perheni,

The news is saying that this winter is going to be the coldset winter in a thousand years!!!!........ so I got that going for me :)   

I got a ton of stuff for the winter. I don't need you to send me anykind of clothing. I'm good. If not, it would be best if I brought it from Finland anyway. So do not worry about sending me clothes.

So, this past week I was in a city called Kouvola with Elder Cassity. Elder Cassity is a stud. He reminds a lot of Drew Boettcher but not, if you get what I'm saying. It was a lot of fun. We talked about how much we loved our moms :)   We had a ton of success in that 4 day span. A new investigator, like 4 teaches, a grip of future appointments, and a baptismal date. Kouvola is going really well right now. 
       We had a teach with a Jehovah Witness. Whoa. That was unique. He didn't believe in the Book of Mormon (obviously) and he didn't believe in the Bible we had, so we had nothing he wanted to use. He had his New World Translation Bible which he said was extremely accuurate. haha. We said ok and we tried to use the same references from the regular Bible with his bible and it was ridiculous. Talk about losing plain and precious things. Our scriptures didn't even make sense to him. In short, the New World Translation Bible is not true :) Don't convert to JWism. 
       We taught a man who knows more about the church than we do. He knows it is true and said he will join after he reads more. He has already read the Work and the Glory. Practically a member already. The cool story about him is he was walking down the street and dropped something. He later went back to get it and then came walking "2 angels" as he called them and talked to him about the gospel. He couldn't remember one of the elder's names but he remembers one of them. He said he was stopped by Elder Fuchs and his companion. I was pretty stoked to hear about that. I told them that Elder Fuchs was my good friend and he said with a huge smile on that he was also his good friend. Really cool story. Go Fuchs! What a compliment!
        Elder Cassity also called up a former investigator and she wanted to meet. We go over there and she was completely uninterested. We talked to her for about 45 minutes and we weren't getting anywhere. She said "All you want to do is just baptize, baptize, baptize." We both, at like the same time, said "Well,... yah" haha. It wasn't going far so we tried to leave. She told us we couldn't leave until we ate with some of this bread. She brings out 3 kinds of breads and make us eat it. It was just weird. 2 of them were pretty good. 1 loaf was horrible. Elder Cassity takes one bite and hides behind a box while I'm soaking mine in honey trying to dull the flavor. It was an adventure.

I don't have much else. 

Christmas. IT'S COMING!!! It may not be close to you all, but it feels like it is just around the corner here. I don't want anything excpet, letters, Grandma's fudge, Mom's turtles, and Dad's box of football cards (just get a super cheap box, I just need the feel of it). There is so much cool stuff here. Money would be nice, But I want those first 4 things. Don't buy me any clothes to send me. These things are what I want. Dad, am I allowed to send things or no? I don't know what you all want me to do.

Ellie also told me that she got a passport. I really hope you don't plan to pick me up after the mission. It's going to be cold and I can't do anything as a missionary. I'm also pretty stoked to fly home with my group. I'm just making sure. 

I love you all. Take care. I'm excited for the letters you sent.

Vanhin Behnke

p.s. i talked to Elder Higginson on the phone. He sounded glorious

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