Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 13, 2010

Hei family,

Things are going well here. we leave for Helsinki tomorrow for a specialized training meeting. It should be fun. The weather is nice. It has rained a little bit but I like it. new investigators and our "guy" is in Helsinki for 2 weeks. How is everything over there?

I got the Bailey report. So I know that he is dating some nice young gal. What a stud. I give him before my year mark in the field before he gets engaged. I did hear about Elder Bryant. That's crazy! He was just here. He'll probably be a father before I get home!!! Haven't seen Elder Higginson yet. Dang it. Elder Schoof and I have to go somewhere for General Conference. It's a toss up between Mikkeli and Lahti. I got chance to see him if that's where we go. I'm trying
As for cooking. I haven't cooked since Savonlinna. Elder Butler and Elder Schoof love to cook and don't trust me. :) So I haven't gotten any better at all yet. I

How is Scotty doing? Did he get the job?

I did get he Kozak's treats. I forgot to write about that. They were awesome. They were gone in 2 days. Feel free to always send more. :)

As for not teaching Muslims. In their religion, if you convert to another religion it has a high chance to disgrace their family. By disgracing the family, they are allowed to kill you. In the muslim culture, death is really not something to fear and the radical muslims do some pretty nuts things (terrorism). It isn't so much that we arenät allowed to teach Muslims but if their family is on the radical side, bad things can happen (in example, a missionary gets blown up by a suicide bomber; true story). They are ok to teach if the their family isn't like that. If they were to except the gospel here, they probaböy would except it after this life as well. So we just got to keep our heads on.

I loved the pictures you sent.

Donna Head got her package. Super. I hope they all liked it.

The Less Active LOVED the card dad sent. Dad came up big. I knew he would :) He has a request. He wants to know if he can get the latest edition of the Pro Sporting News NFL Guide or somethinbg like that. I'm sure dad knows what is up.

I have a question. We have been teaching about tithing a little bit. How has tithing helped you all?

That's all i got today.

Love you all

Vanhin Behnke

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