Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hei Family,

How is it all going over there? Did Scotty get the job?

The weather. There seems to be a lot of demand to know about the weather here. It rains almost daily. We had an hour long bike ride to an investigator in the pouring rain. It was great. I'm trying to learn all 7 verses of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief with Elder Schoof on those huge bike rides. The investigator is an older woman and has a lot of troubles comprehending and remembering. We will teach her, and then she won't really remember us visiting the next time we meet with her sometimes. She's great though. She believes it's all true. She's also making me socks which I'm pretty happy to get. :)
The 4 day Leadership Training Meeting is this week. they are taking all the senior companions down for it. So, I am going to Kouvola for this week. I'll be with the Elder Cassity which I'm really super syked for! I really like Elder Cassity. It's going to be to be pretty cool. I got your letter. The package is going to have to wait in Lappeenranta until I get back. I'll just call up the FedEX lady and let her know what's up. We're tight.

Yah. I'm trying to make everything more fun. The 300 idea was mine and Elder Schoof liked it. I'm just trying to spice up a same type routine day. You like to know the fun things I do. I don't think I have many. I have a huge bowl of ice cream for every weekly planning meeting. Sometimes I like pretend my bike is Seabiscuit and ride past Elder Schoof while I narrate it like Tick-Tock McClaughlin; "And it's Seabiscuit, around the outisde. He's passing War Admiral. War Admiral is behind him now. It's Seabiscuit!!! Seabiscuit!!!" And then I cheer as I get up on my pedals and my clutch my "horse whacker thing" like I won. I'm pretty dorky :) Speaking of bikes. I fell off mine hardcore the other day. I ran into a bike a flew off and smacked my head and side. My hands were completely gashed up and covered in blood. Luckily, i was wearing a helmet (Thank you white handbook missionary rules (( obedience ;) ))) and my helmet took the skidding instead of my face. Now, today is Monday, and my hands are completely healed. GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT!!!!

Things are going well though. We have been teaching a lot more effectively. We just need to find more investigators. 

Oh ya. Please say thank you to Deb Holub from me. I really loved and appreciate the card she sent. She is a wonderful wonderful person. The best. As for letters, I haven't had time still to write Drew back and I did get letters from Todd and Abbey. I haven't heard from Chris in a awhile but I'm sure he is doing just fine. 

Things are going. I love you all. Finnish is still hard if you were wondering. Take care and I will talk to you all next week.

Vanhin Behnke

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