Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey Family,

Things are going great. H is coming along great. Her date is pretty solid. We want to try and get her to the baptism in Marjaniemi this upcoming weekend. We just have a few things left to talk about with her. We need to check up with her coffee stopping and go over a couple more commandments but it is going very well. She will be most likely baptised on Nov. 27 like we have planned. Great!

I forgot to tell you about the singing in church. It went well. It is so awesome to sing the same primary songs I sang as a child in english in Finnish. It's really cool. It was father's day here so we had the entire priesthood cookies. We made way too many cookies so we ended up making the entire ward cookies. It was fun. We have also been making banana bread for some of the ward members and they love. Finns have never even heard of banana bread. The ward loves us for our baking talents! :) 

I have been doing tons of service lately. Every other day we have been cutting wood for H so can can have fire wood for the winter. We have been cutting trees down in her backyard and cutting them up. Her tools aren't the best. She only has handaxes and some flimsy saws but we are doing it! My grip on my hand is dead! I'm really pumped about getting to chop wood for service. It's great.

I haven't been taking much pictures but I will try to take some more.

Christmas.  "Dad and I really don't need anything so if you could get by with not getting us anything" Well, nobody NEEDS anything. I'm getting you presents!!!!! I will try to get small things because shipping will destroy me. Thank you very much for the money so I can participate in Christmas this year!

I go the package. SWEET! The chocolates were downed in like 2 days. I looks like you all had some awesome times at the packer games. Awesome! Thank you for the pictures.

I don't have anything else. Thank you. I'm super low on time. I will write you more next week with pictures.

Mother.....You have done a lot for me lately, but I'm asking you if you can do me another thing.

We have a cd player in the car and we are completely burnt out of Enya and the music Elder Hybarger has and he is leaving soon. Can you burn me some cds so we have something to listen to more of in the car. Plus, chances are I will be in Kerava for a long time.

Vanhin Behnke

PS:  that picture of Ryan Kissinger on Halloween was SWEET!  He is a stud, great costume!

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  1. Sorry for the delay (and you know who you are!!), I have been a burnin', buyin' CD mom for the past 6 hours so I can get some CDs for Brian's car FedEx'd tomorrow - you didn't see the email that asked me to send it as quickly as I can.........actually he said - "hate to be a pester but if you could get it here as soon as possible, that would be glorious!" How can I refuse that - so of course I have been CRAZY!!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that boy! db