Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hey Family,

I am absolutely amazed at how fast you got the package here wow. Yah, FedEX is horrible here for me. It was a forty minute quest away today in order to get my package. Well worth it. Thank you so much. Wow! There was a ton of stuff. Don't wory about grabbing anything else. This is great. Thank you. Some of the stuff is a little questionable like the hardcore techno song of the Pirates of the Carribean haha. Thank you though

H's baptism is this Saturday. Elder Hybarger is baptizing her. Elder Baccile is speaking at her baptism about baptism. I am giving her the Holy Ghost on that Sunday. It's pretty exciting. She has her interview with Elder Groberg (baptismal candidates need to be interviewed by either the district leader or zone leader before baptism) on Thursday. She is a sculpture. I know she has done some huge sculpture that is in Rovaniemi. I don't know too much about it.

Christmas. I have been thinking. Shipping will cost me a ton. I'm not too sure if if is worth it to send the gifts to you by mail. Plus, I don't trust the mail service after the last package I tried to send you all. i think it would be best if I just save the money that dad gave me and I can give you twice as much next Christmas and I can be there for it. I am thinking about sending chocolate again though because that is alwasy nice. I'm pretty bummed about it but I think it is best. What do you think?

Everything has gone electric here so no worries about the carbon monoxide. I'm good. That carbon monoxide thing was a pretty big deal when I first got into the country because 2 missionaries died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Romania. Pretty nuts stuff. But I'm safe  so no need to panic

I love the picture of Scot sleeping on the couch. Nothing has changed haha! How is he doing? How's Ellie? How's Gram? How are you two?

Transfers. I want Elder Baccile and I to stay together another change but I'm not sure. If anything, I think I stay and he leaves but I said the same thing about Lappeenranta so I have no idea. We will see. I will find out on Saturday so I can let you know next email. We will see about his jacket after change calls.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving. What did you eat? We are supposed to be in charge of the meat but I'm not sure what we will do. I will take pictures. It should be fun. I will try and do something fun for a Christmas card picture. I'll keep my eyes open for something really fun. 

I haven't been driving much. It's icy and I don't even trust myself on ice in an automatic. Ask James Breidel to tell you about a little scare that happened to us when we were drving for a basketball game and it was snowy. I may have to start driving though if Elder Baccile leaves and I stay. Should be exciting!

Update. I got a letter from Elder Pond. He wears his Ellie bracelt every single day. He says some people stare at him all the time and they all the members in Kuopio ask him about it. Cool. He seems like he is having fun up there with Elder Gorringe.

That's cool that the Emmelkamps are coming out. Where are they going in Finland? I would love to go to Turku and meet this guy. Hopefully one day I can but I think I iwll be in Kerava for a long time. Keep me posted on there travel situation.

Tell Todd and Abbey that I will write them soon. I haven't had time due to Elder Hyrbarger going home soon and him having to get all kinds of stuff before he leaves.

That's all I have family. I love you all and I will talk to you soon.

Elder Behnke

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