Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

I left your letters at home so I may not be may able to remember them all and answer.
First off, thanks for the package! I really enjoyed the letters. Thank you! I really liked the stories of President Mayne's. Pretty awesome things.
How is everything at Gram's? I want to see a picture of the guy that Kristen is marrying. Is it a super exciting time? How are the Secors? What is Jimmy and Thomas up to these days? How is Scott and his buisness?
Things are just going by for us here in Espoo. We had a kind of a dud week. We haven't been able to find anyone or teach anyone. It's just been a little tough time. I'm getting really tired. Like  over a year and a half years of work tired. I'm alright though. I'm still fightin' on. Things are going well. I got some sweet and exciting news. Elders Groberg and Lytle called me last week and told some pretty sweet stuff. They said that President Kopischke of the Europe Area Presidency sent out a letter to all the Europe areas of how the little branch in Pori managed to get 11 nonmembers in church and how miraculous it was and how Pori will be forever blessed because of that. SWEET! That was my last Sunday in Pori. Things just went sweetly there. The mission is also collecting conversion stories of all recent converts in the mission. There is one convert in a city called Kuopio who is in the branch presidency there. he said that it all started when 2 missionaries in Savonlinna gave him a Book of Mormon over a year ago there. Sweet!!! The also told me that an investigator I was teaching during a good chunk of my stay in Pori has now decided to be baptized and will be baptized this Saturday hopefully. YES!!! Pretty sweet that all this stuff came to my attention in one phone call. Pretty nice of them to call.
That's great to hear that there is a full NFL season this year.

Things are going well and I hope Ellie's team can beat Inverness. Tell her Good luck!
I have nothing more. I love you all and take care.
Vanhin Behnke

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