Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hei Family,

First off, today may be a short letter. I do not know what to say. Not too much has been happening. Elder Fuchs and I have been driving all around Finland going on splits with all the district leaders. We left Espoo and drove through Kotka to get to Lappeenranta for splits with Elders Arnesen and Carr. It was cool to be in Lappeenranta again and I got to see Henry too. He is doing well. He is a member now so that is sweet. He remebered me but it wasn't anything exciting. It was good though. After, we went through Kouvola and had dinner with Elders Higginson and Edelman. Then we went to Hyvinkää and had splits with Elders Ballam and Esplin. I included our little travel so you could see it on a map or something. But it was good.

Yes, I know HM is a store in America. but where is it? Is it super cheap like it is here? Is it the european style in America? The shirt is mine so tell Scott to give it back, unless it fits and he really wants it. Does the suit fit him? There is a huge sale at Dressmann so I might go get the suits now for when I come home and just keep them stored away. After emailing, Elder Fuchs and I are going berry picking to make some pie. So were going into the foreest (against the mosquitos) to find some blueberries and strawberries. It should be sweet.

I have a question. What kind of blessings have you gotten from me serving a mission? Just a curious question.

Chris lost his Finland band. That's super impressive that he has worn it for that long. I don't know where he is so I have no idea where to write him at. How is he doing? Is he still dating Sophie? She wrote me a letter with him so I'm not sure if I should still write her back if they aren't together anymore. How are all the rest of the guys doing? How is Abbey doing in Mass.?

What else has been happening at home? How is everyone doing? How's Gram? Has Tarja emailed you at all? I wrote them a letter, so we'll see.

Nothing else is really going on here. It has been a good week and we are trying to have good week. That is really all that has been happening.

I love you all,
Vanhin Behnke

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