Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

Hei Family,

How's everything going? Are you still thinking about moving to California for the summer? How was Easter? What did you do? I feel like I ask you questions but I don't get answers to them. I guess, I now know how it feels :)

Our trip to Tampere went well. It is about a 3 hour drive having to swing down to Rauma and pick up the elders (Schoof and Budd) from there. I got thr latest on my language score. Because it is hard to tell one's language score from just one test, the test is set up in ranges. -9 to 0 to +9 is the right where you should be range and anything above is advacned and anything below is behind. I scored a -9. Right on the edge. And as you can guess, it's drives me insane! haha. But it's ok. It's a fun langauge.

We went bowling last week and there was just a ton of high school girls haha. Like 50 high school girls and 3 Mormon missionaries haha. It was fun. I just got this whole bowling thing down. ATHLETE! Dad remembers my bowling abilities. 

I got lettesr from Shubin, Sister Folkman, and a card from the Whitehursts! Sweet! Be sure to tell them thank you for me. That is cool that Austin has got his email address on his facebook. You should do the same for me! I can't email people back but if they leave their address I can write them back. That would be sweet to get some more mail. I will forever feel bad for never writing Jimmy or Thomas because I know the joy that letters bring now. haha.

I don't have much else going on. Things are going well here. We are having a lot of fun. The weather is warming up so the jackets are soon to be coming off. We're having a good time. 

Congratulations for your first double double and you first In-N-Out burger in Colorado. I hope you enjoyed it! Was it everything you imagined? I wish, somehow, there was a way to ship fresh Chipotle burritos. But at the same time, not, because it will make that first one back home so much sweeter.

How are all the guys doing? How is Alex liking the military? What is Matt England up to? Have you heard from McKay at all? 

How's Scotty? Is anything happening?

I love you all. I hope everything is going well over there. I haven't heard from dad in awhile? How is he doing? I figured I would be getting a letter from him sometime soon after the draft with all the reports and stuff so i will just be waiting for his letter and papers. Take care.

Vanhin Behnke

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