Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

translation:  Happy Easter and up your keaster!

We had a pretty good week this week. He had 15 appointments. We were flying around. We got 4 new investigators this week and had 2 in church. We should be in shape for another good week this week. We are heading to Tampere this week for our final President interviews with President Brown. It should be pretty good. He is taking off soon. I am getting pretty old out here in the field. Next month, I'll only have 6 months left. Whoa. Time just takes off here. How's time there? I'm not getting trunky or anything so don't worrry. It's just weird. 

I really want to go to eat at this place called Harold's. It's a viking restaurant. They give you a viking helmet and gauntlet and just a knife for a eating utensil. The entire district is onboard I just have to convince the sisters. It's going to be tough. I think it would be so fun.

How's everything at home? How is scott doing? How's Gram? What is everyone doing? How is eric Zane doing? Alex Sawyer looked Korean when I first saw the picture. I couldn't even tell it was him. He looks bigger. Does he like the military?  How do the Sawyers like Atlanta? 

What is going on in America? I learned from a drunk guy on the street recently that America is bombing Libya. What?!  Crazy stuff.

I don't really know what to say.  Kristen Secor is getting married. Wow! Does the Secors like the guy? How are the rest of the Secor clan doing? 

I have an idea. You should tell Zach and Justin that I sent them a present from Finland. When they come and get it, have them open a package with just a pen and blank paper inside. hahaha. Maybe I'll hear from them then. Have you talked with them at all? What about McKay, Knapp, and Nathan? I haven't heard from Chris and Drew in a long while. I have now become forgotten :)

What are your easter plans? Easter here is the same here. Eggs and everything. There is a standup comedian who talked about Christmas. I think it was Jim Gaffigan. He was talking about how they people were coming up with holiday tradition. "What should we do do celebrate the death and resurection of Christ?" "How bout eggs?" "What!?" "Yah, and a bunny rabbit!" I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway, we are going bowling today to start our Tri-Wizard Tournament to figure out which missionary of us is the best. I feel like I have a good chance at winning the bowling event but may be lacking in the Putt-Putt and Eat-A-thon. It's going be an intense match-up.

We are just pushing along here. I love you all and pray for my investigators to receive their answers and get baptized. Have a great Easter. I'll talk to you all next week.

Vanhin Behnke

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