Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

Hey family
I have a request. I need socks. Everything in Finland is out-of-control expensive and i don't know where to find the gold toes wool socks I got from Mr. Mac. If you could, please, send me a ton of just the black socks (becuase black goes with everything) because I'm getting holes in my other ones. That would be wonderful!

Where does Drew want me to send his letter?

I'm turning my picks in next week. I hope that is what Dad wants.

We got 14 teaches this week. A lot of people are sick and a lot of teaches for us fell through. 14 is still way good though.

Elder Groberg and I on splits went and tried that burger place and it was really good. I really liked it. No In-n-Out but good enough. Quick story. Elder Schoof and I were contacting the streets and this Turkish man outside of his Kebab shop starts talking to us. He is muslim and we can't really preach to muslims so we just starting talking to him. he told us to come back to his shop and eat and he will give us free drinks. So we go back and he makes us this unbelievable kebab! He pulls out this fresh bread and stuffs extra meat in it with this two really good sauces (Kebab is lamb; information). It was awesome and only 5£. I think to really understand the awesomeness of this kebab experience is to have been a missionary in Finland. For you all though, just know that it was awesome. So far, I know the FedEx lady, Kebab lady,and the Bike guy (due to bike purchases and repairs frm Elder Schoof and I). My quest for taking Finland has some new additions to the team. :)

For dad, I had reindeer soup. It was pretty good. Just thought I would let you know

Everyone loves Ellie's braclets. Elder Gamblin and Groberg want one. They are a huge hit in the Finnish mission. 

It is getting colder. Woo! I kind of like the winter here. Everyone is so unhappy because it is dark and cold that it makes missionaries' smiles stand out so much more. :) Should be a colder one this year. Bring it on.

All i got. Love you. 

Nähdään (see you later)

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