Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Dear family,

That's good to hear that Elder Bailey is good. 

Lappeenranta. A bigger city than Savonlinna (of course it is). It's like a little town. Outside of the city area is all forests and farmland and lakes. It's way cool. It's right where I want to be. You have the city, which is next to the largest lake in Finland called Saimaa, and then forests surround the city and then there is all kinds of farms and stuff scattered throughout the forests. All the members live out in the forest pretty much so it's way cool that we get to go out there all the time. I bought a bike to get around. Elder C paid me a good chunk of what he owed me. He said he will get the rest to me later.

We had zone conference last week. Zone conferences have been changed to be everyother chnage instead of every change. Sad. They showed us this new program ( same one as the missionaries there told you about ) and it loooks like it's pretty cool. Elder Schoof and I are already better teachers because of it. After zone conference, i now have only not met 6 missionaries in the field now. Interesting fact for you. Zone conference, we had another langauge test. Crash and burn! I got owned. My understanding is not very good. Looks like I'll be junior so at least another change haha. It's all going well though. 

I thought my talk went good. To start things off, a 15  yr old girl is speaking, then me, then the Elders Quorum President. This 15 yr old girl's talk was unbelievable! It was amazing. So then I got to go follow up on that. I thought my talk went ok. I brought Elder Schoof's voice recorder up with me to record myself and listen to it after. After I listened to it, and my pronunciation on words was so bad. I was bummed. It's all good though.

I like Dad's face in the the Favre body. Classic. What else is going on back home?

If Ellie is still making bracelets, she has two more requests. Elder Butler and Elder Baccile both want them. 
I don't have much else to say. Tell me some stories of the Adventures of Elder Gorringe from his mother. I don't get to talk to him at all anymore. Tell me any kind of story. I just like to read what's happening. 

I have another request. I have like no pictures, except for the christmas card pictures and the awesome Taylor Swift pictures. So I only have like 2 pictures to hang up on my wall. Could you get some recent pictures of the family and the all the guys and abbey and my other close friends so I have some nice decoartions around my desk and stuff. Would that be ok? 

I love you all. I will talk to you soon.
Vanhin Behnke

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