Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Bad news: We couldn't go bowling. All the lanes were full. Totally ruined my p-day haha.

The talk went alright. Of course my companion says it was awesome cause he better say its awesome haha. I spoke for just under 25 minutes. O ya. I'm hardcore at this language haha. Elder Watson had to speak last week. He had to only speak for 7 minutes. Oh how much I would of loved that. But it went well. One lady is our ward wants a copy of it. I spoke about the atonement. I took a lot of my ideas in my farewell talk and transferred them over into finnish (with lots of help). I'm going to send you a copy once I get it written. Probably next week.

I sent a package home. About 20 euros of chocolate. I need you all (dad, mom, scott, ellie, gram, and or anyone else you want to share with) to go through it and let me know your favorites so i know what to send in the future. The candy out here is chocolate and black licorice. I sent you some of this stuff called salmiakki. I need to know your thoughts on that.


Scott. I would write scott but i don't have time. so relay this to him. He is the luckiest guy in the world and unluckiest at the same. What is he doing over there? I'm reading his story of his adventure in New Mexico and he is talking about an avalanche. I'm thinking, what a pansy, he just slipped on some snow. And then he starts describing it and I'm like oh my gosh. I want to know how intense that was? That sounds so scary. Dad and I would of just snowboarded out of it. We were sweet. Scott, I feel bad I didn't get you a present, so I'm buying you some kind of present. It won't be there for a while - but it will come.

Letters. I got dad's letter with the noodle recipe on Wednesday. Mom's letter and Gram's letter came between Thurdays and Saturday. Abbey's letter got here today.

Dad, that was a very interesting story. I never knew your conversion story. That was really good to read. It really helps me think of the work I'm doing that I don't know i'm doing.  :)

Splits. Elder Watson and Elder Struthers came down to Savonlinna and we swtiched companions for a day. I don't know if you are forwarding my letters to my teachers but if you aren't make sure you send this part to them. Elder Beard and I had a referral like a 45 minute drive away to go see and a member we set up to meet with who was also far away. So we split Elders Beard and Struthers to go visit these and left Me and Elder Watson in Savonlinna to contact and tract. So two greenies walking around the city, knocking on doors, trying to talk to people. Both of us could barely understand anyone. We could pick out very little of what people were saying but suprisingly, people were willing to talk to us. We were throwing around all kinds of wrong words, incorrect grammer principles, misunderstanding what people said. However, for our 2 hours of trying to speak to people, we somehow, got 2 return appointments! It is so hard for Elder Beard and I to get that in a day and here me and Elder Watson are and we swing it! We couldn't understand much but we did know how to get the appointments and Me and Elder Beard are going back this week to see them. Hahaha it was awesome. GREENIE POWER!

After splits were went and spent the night in Joensuu which is 2 hours away. Speaking of basketball short weather, like you were saying. We had a 6 hour drive the next day so we wore p-day clothes. I wore a t-shirt and basketball shorts. We went to the store to get some food and I walk in in these clothes and everyone is staring. It was -25 outside and I was walking around in my shorts. No weather holds me back!

Zone conference was good. It was exciting and fun. I was happy I got to go. President Brown is an awesome speaker! He is good at pumping us up.  It was way good.

No hockey game. We haven't talked to the guy in awhile. The lady we were teaching is back on the board. Things are going really well and I really believe she will go to baptism this next change.

Sister Voima is awesome. We went and saw her again when we had splits. I got a picture with her so I can send these to you when I send home the card. She calls me her adopted son haha. She is so rad.  (picture with Sister Voima).

How's America?

Vanhinn Behnke

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  1. This is such a darling picture. Sister Voima's daughter, Auli Summerhays lives right here in Colorado. She works at CSU in Fort Collins and I was able to connect with her on the internet. Fun story and even more special that Brian can visit with this dear sister. I love that they are holding hands - Brian absolutely adores her!!!