Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

Hyaa joulua!

Mita Kuulu minun perhe?  Christmas is just 2 days away!  Excited?  Hope you have a great Christmas!

Just getting ready to leave.  We have successfully mastered the Finnish language.  :)  We have a pretty good base heading into Finland.  It should be interesting.  My last lesson with Vanhin Pond was our best one.  No lesson plan beforehand.  We just walked in and gave it and it was pretty good.  This week, I am teaching with Vanhin Marlor (he is one of the new guys).  I am in the senior companion and he's the junior it should be fun.

ELLIE!!!  Way to go on your singing!  Mom filmed it and I thought it was so good!!!  Hope you have an awesome Christmas and that joulupukki birngs you what you really want.

Fantasy:  You gave it your all Mom.  I'm proud of you.  But YOU"RE FIRED.  We're going in a different direction.  This train isn't backing up for you.   :)  Thank you though, and I hope it made you love fantasy again.  Hope Dad can win it!

Christmas....we had a talent show.  Vanhin Fuchs is trying to get a nativity story lesson going.  And Vanhin Lytle is trying hard to set up a play.  The guy is hilarious.  :)  We're having fun though.  We're trying to make it as home as possible.  We heard Elder Neil Andersen last night, he was pretty good.  A little boring but it was good.

Love you all,

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