Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009

I'm almost done!!!!

Finnish just hopped up another level in hardness.  It will come though.  Still fightin' at it.

So remember when you dropped me off and the host missionary took me in?  I was one of those today.  It seemed like it was going to be so awesome but everyone was crying and it was awkward for me and it was kinda depressing.  On the plus side though, I saw Zach Holub!  He was dropping someone off and he yelled at me from a car.  He's a stud.

Fantasy:  We got this!  Mom, play to win it.  CHAMPIONSHIP!

I really want to leave this place.  :)  I've had it.  10 weeks is way too long, let alone 12!  I was just doing the math, when I leave the MTC, more than a tenth of my mission is over.  That's pretty crazy.

For Christmas, we got a talent show!  YES!!!! I'm excited.  I'm not doing anything but I'm just excited.  It should be a good change up.

I think I get my flight plans tomorrow or Friday.  I think we are flying through Atlanta, not sure if we are coming through Denver.

Last practice teach tomorrow then I can just study.  I'm excited for that.

I sent Christmas cards to a lot of people.  I made 18 of them:  Wrays, Wandrys, Shubins, Secors, Kozaks, Kissingers, Griggs......They are so sweet.  I got a letter from Scott Kozak, he's a stud - I love that guy.

I love you all.  Take care.

Vanhin Behnke


Pretty sure Brian has had enough of the MTC and is ready to go!

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