Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hello Family,

I figured today, I would write you all in blue! How's is everything going back home?  How is the draft looking, Dad? What has been going on and happenning? How's Gram, Ellie, and Scott? How are the dogs (not puppies anymore, clearly)?

This weekend is General Conference. We are headed to Rauma for the weekend to watch it there becuase they have headphones there to watch it in English. So we are excited for that. It also means that we have change call night splits! Awesome! We should know what is happening to Elder Peck and I on Saturday night along with Elders Lytle and Budd. What are you all doing for conference? Conference bingo? I want to play conference bingo! For my next General Conference, you should send it to us!

For future packages. I will need more deordorant but no more Bear Creek easy make soups. I have reached my limit with those and am not becoming any better at cooking. I appreciate it though. Thank you very much for that.

I have a question regarging the boots I have here. I don't think I will use them at all really when I come home but I know they were expensive and I don't want to leave them. So I want to sell them. How much were they so I know a good price to sell them for? I am hoping I can sell them because that would free up a lot of weight in my bags. Let me know the price and what you think about selling them.

Dad asked about sähly. It is like floor hockey. You play in tennis shoes and have sticks that kind of look like hockey sticks but are more curvy shaped. I'm sure you can find it on the interent. The ball is a wuffle ball. It's really fun.

You talked about finnish food. I would like to go home and makesome stuff so I will grab some Cardenum beofre I leave to make pulla (it's like a pastry bread type thing). The food here is pretty good. We have a DA today and the member is making Fish soup, which is like my favorite thing in Finland. She made for us this one time, salmon fillet with blue cheese, lemon, and pesto. SO GOOD! I learned how to make it so maybe I can do it when I come home. Karjalien Piirakka, I don't think they are that awesome but I like them. The rye bread is what I want to take home. AWESOME! With chocolate

Investigators. We're struggling. We only have 2 right now. We need to find more. That is our plan this week. we're going to bust it. Hopefully, we can find more people to teach.

That's all I have this time.

I love you all and take care

Talk to next week
Vanhin Behnke

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