Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hei Family,

How are things going? So Scott now has 2 cars. Why? Is he going to keep two cars? Is he going to try and sell his 4 runner? How are the puppies? Are they having a ton of fun? Are they trained at all?

My trip to Helsinki was great! I sent some pictures to you. I sent one of Elder Gorringe and I. I also included Sister Zimmerman's and my super awkward Sister-Elder picture. Hahaha. It was pretty fun week. We played basketball and sähly (floor hockey, professional sport here in Finland) every morning. I went down with Elder Weaver. We spent the nights in the chapel with Elders Grimm, Leppard, Linden, Weaver, Clegg, Groberg, and Powell. It was fun. We learned a ton down there from President Brown. We learned how to become better teachers and things like that. There is a ton to write about it so you can just see my notes when I can come unless you are really wanting to here them right now. It was just really great. Read DC 50 to really undterstand more of what we do when teaching an investigator. Sister Zimmerman sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives. It was awesome. 

The man and his wife we are teaching are doing great! He has been off alcohol for 3 weeks now and she has been off smoking for over a month. They both come to church regulary and are making huge steps back to church. It's great.

We are focused on finding a lot this week. We need more investigators. That is where we are putting our focus.

Poor Wandrys. I hope they are doing alright. New Bishop eh? "For the first pick of the 2011 Spring Gulch Bishopric Draft, The Elder Behnke's Finns select. . . . . . . . Ray Bezzant as Bishop. First Councelor is Ken Wandry and Second Counselor is James Griggs (just for kicks)." That's fun. Let me know who it is. 

The Larson's! I can't remember if it was Mike or Chris that wrote me but I have always felt bad that I never wrote back. I lost his address in the swtiching of email sites. That's good that they are back and loving it. I like the plan of wearing out the suits. I have already been doing that. My blue one is thrashed. 

I got to go. I will write more next week. Got to go. Elder Peck is making me leave.

Vanhin behnke
Elders Behnke and Peck......kinda awkward photo!  I think they were trying to be funny.   Didn't realize he took his glasses with him - he only got them when he was 12 - looks like it!  (looks like a wedding photo)  JK!
Their ride!
The boys in Helsinki
Elders Lytle, Christiansen, Fuchs and Gorringe
Higginson and Behnke
Sister Zimmerman and Brian - in the sister/elder missionary picture!  Goofs!
with Elder Gorringe

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