Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009

Hey Fam,

Here's the deal.  I get 30 minutes every Wednesday to email a letter to you.  Please don't write me an email back because I can't see it for the next week, keep doing the thing.  There is a 30 minute countdown on my top right corner of my screen and when it reaches 0 it deletes everything I haven't sent.  Also, I absolutely LOVE getting mail during the day, I look forward to it so thank you.

Thank you for the brownies.  There was a TON of them.  I hope you don't expect me to eat all of them but to share them with my district which I did.  Elder McGavin who lives next door is going to Estonia - well he just got out of quarantine for swine flu and also the english speaking elders in my zone were leaving so we had a little brownie going away welcome home thing.

I took some pictures.  I'm mailing the memory card in an envelope to Ellie so just check for that.  I also took a video with my camera, it will be on the card so you know who is who in the pictures that I sent home.

When you get a chance - can you please send me Jesus The Christ in English, I want to read it.  Tell Jimmy that I go to the temples on Wednesday for the 11am session so hopefully he can make it and we can go together.

I have been doing the Perfect Push up but Elder Groberg is doing this crazy hard work out everyday so I've decided that I am going to do that with him until he leaves which is in 12 days, then I will go back to the perfect push ups.

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