Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

Brian looks like he is studying really really hard!!

Terve minun perheeni!

.............this week, we got to write any question to a member of the 12 - I asked how many times God the Father has shown a part of his body to a human in the scriptures.  I couldn't think of anything great.  I think for Thanksgiving one of the 12 is coming in to answer selected questions.  It should be pretty cool.

The older Finns are leaving on Monday.  They have a 6 hour layover in Denver.  So, I might be getting something like that.  I'll know in about 5 weeks or so.

Finnish is still hard.  Some Mandarin Chinese speaking elders came up to Elder Watson and said how hard Finnish would be and said good luck hahah.  I love it when people say "you're learning Finnish?  Good Luck!!"  It is a good feeling to know that I'm doing it.  I gave my last lesson in English last week.  Me and Elder Baccile got selected to give the first lesson in Finnish a week early as junior companions to the older Finns.  This is going down tomorrow.  So we'll see.  I'm glad you liked the movie.  I tried making another of me speaking Finnish but I don't what to say.

(Can't download movie but you can see Brian singing a song with 2 Sister missionaries at: and search for Brian singing in Finnish).

The prophet is coming soon to speak, we think.  So, me and Elder Pond are going to join the choir because they get designated seats.  Good thing there's no tryouts or solos.  STRATEGERY!

Everything is good.

Mina rakastan teita

Moi Moi
Vanhin Behnke

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