Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 2, 2011

Hey family,

I don't have much to say this week. The puppies look really cute! Where did you get the name Reddmon? It's kind of a strange pick. Why not JohnnyBloodMcnally, Nitschke, Bullet, Sweetness (the would be cool), Ghost, Koira (finnish for 'dog'), Jet, Turbo, Ranger, Flash, Michael Vick, Captain, Bullseye, Major, Starr, Lombardi, Vince, I don't know. 
FYI:  from Donna - we did take Elder Behnke's advise and changed Reddmon's name to Woodson - for Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers (my favorite player) and Ellie is calling him Woody - from Toy Story - phew, that was a long week trying to convince her that Reddmon wasn't the best pick!  Thank you Brian!!!
Not too much has happened

Last week, Elder Peck and I went to Kieli Koulu. Elders Groberg, Watson, Marlor, and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch and then went to the temple. It was great to see all of them again. Everyone is doing so well.

As for a funny story. Elder Peck and I go a visit this wonderful woman. She makes us pastries. I take a bite out of this one and it tastes ok. I keep eating it and now it just tastes horrible. It was awful. I'm struggling trying to eat all of it. I get time to one bite left. I'm so done and ready to throw up and try to get Elder Peck to eat the rest for me. He wouldn't do it!  I'm stuck! I man through it and survive. After we left, Elder Peck turns to me and says that he can't believe that I ate that whole pastry that was covered in mold! DANG COLOR-BLINDNESS! I coudn't tell it had mold at all! Elder Peck hung me out to dry. It was a horrible experience. :)

That's all I got. I have a district meeting this week. Change calls also happen on Saturday. Next email, I will include pictures. 

Love you all,
Take care

Vanhin Behnke
Merry Christmas from Elders Peck and Behnke in Pori, Finland!

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