Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Hey Family,
Ellie turned 11! That's huge! That iPad looks way sweet!  How expensive was that?! What else did she get? I want to know eveything
I don't have much to say in these. Things are going well. We have two investigators.  They are both coming. I'm happy. Apparently, Savonlinna grows like 3 times in sizes next month for this opera festival. From what our tour guide told us at the castle is that the best time to go to Savonlinna is the Opera festivak held in 2012. Weird, that's the same time we plan on going :). I might be gone though before the opera festival due to change calls on Saturday. There is a guareenteed change coming since the mission's numbers will be back to normal. We'll see what happens
A little miracle happened to us on Sunday. A couple came to church yesterday. We said terve to them when we were riding our bikes one day and then they decided to come church. They just walked on in! It was sweet!
I didn't take too many pictures. In fatc, I only took 1 at zone conference. I'm sorry I let you and the all the mothers down. the one is me and Elder Gorringe and Nilo, he is a memeber in Rovaniemi who leaves on a mission to Japan this month. The guy is a stud.

Here is the picture Brian was referring to:
Brian, Nilo, he is from Finland and has just been called to serve a mission in Japan and Elder Gorringe, his MTC buddy!

The North Zone is so sweet. I don't want to leave it. Because of this, I will probably leave. I will let you know next week though. I bought a new suit. It was 5 euors and I'm officially done buying cheap kirpis suits. It's brown with a vest. Hopefully, someone will come out with pictures and you can see it cause I forgot.
We are going to eat chinese today. That should be good. I haven't gotten you package yet. It came on time but the Ap's had already made their last stop to the office the night before. It's a good though. It should be here today or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.
Take Care and I love you all.
Vanhin Behnke


  1. More suits..... At least they stylen missionaries:)

  2. Can you believe that - they probably won't even fit when he gets home. When does your son come home - isn't it this summer sometime. I would like to come out to hear him talk, please keep me updated. Thanks!