Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

Yes, I got the package. I forgot to say that in the last email. I belive I asked for a cheap mp3 player not some amazing brand-new ipod. GEEZ! It's reeally nice thank you! 

don't fret about the big spendature I made. My msf card didn't have the reimburrsments yet and my e-ticket to get to espoo wouldn't work. I'll get it all back

Packing was a nightmare. I would really like to know what is expendable and what is not. That would help me out a lot. Can you let me know?

I live in a place called Haaga. I met Outi at Sisar Voima's birthday party. It's too bad that I'm not serving in Haaga though. I'm in a weird situation where we live here but we got out to our area in Espoo. In Espoo, we split the area with the Zone Leaders (Grimm and Leppard). It's different but it's what we are doing. It takes about an hour to get to out area everyday.

I'm right around the outskirts of Helsinki. We are heading over there after email. It's pretty cool. I'm emailing with Elder Butler, Elders Struthers and Baccile (who serve in a different area in Espoo), and the sisters (who serve in Haaga). It's cool that I get to see a bunch of other mssionaries all the time.

I'll let you know more about this place next email once I know where I'm going and explore a little more.

My companion is Elder Butler. He might be one of the funniest people I have ever met. It's going to be a good change and I'm excited. 
(On a side note regarding Brian's companion - apparently he had an amazing career with Disney as a video programmer, his father also served in Finland and he is a pretty "chill guy"  - this info comes from Elder Bailey)

So you talk to Elder Slade's mom? How is he doing in my home town without me?

What's going on at home? How's Scott's new place? I like Ellie's video. She is hilarious. Her present was great. Elder Slade wears his all the time. We were teaching this one woman named and he was speaking and I looked over and he had it on. It was cool. 

I love you all. Thank for the wonderful birthday package. I hope all is well over there. Talk to you soon.

Vanhin Behnke

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