Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010


here's what happened this week:

We had a teach with one of the guys we have been teaching for awhile on Friday. We brought Veli Roivainen and we taught him about authority. It was probably the best teach we have had yet with him. He didn't have any questions and I think it really hooked him. He was absorbed into it and I think he was a little shocked, but understood. He came to church and stayed the whole time. He was singing hymns and even participated in Sunday School. It was fantastic!

We have two new investigators this week. The first is a Kurdish man, about 23 or so,  from Iraq who speaks very good Finnish for only living here for 5 months. He is athiest and is interested in all religions. He came to the open house and we taught him the first lesson with the pictures and went very well. He can understand some but the pictures are what helped him get a better grasp. The language communciation is a barrier but he still is interested. He wants a Book of Mormon in Kurdish but the Church doesn't have one. So, he speaks and understand Arabic, so we got him one of those. He told us to call him today or tomorrow to set up another appointment.

The other is a former investigator who was taught in 2007. She is about 75 years old. Elder Sharp and I went and taught her on splits and it went very well. She agreed to meet with us 3 times a week as long as she had time. We asked her to come to the open house and she came. He doesn't remember a lot about Joseph Smith but she has a Book of Mormon and remebers the peace she felt when she would come to church. Great! She came to church this week too. She was fellowshipped very well at church and it was great.

One of the guys who has been investigating for the past 7 years isn't really going anywhere at the moment. He still refuses to pray. It is so right in his head, but yet he can't pray. He is scared that God would lead him astray. But, he knows a lot about the church. He uses scriptures in the Book of Mormon talking about stuff and he even knows a lot of deep doctrine things. We really need to focus with him how God is our loving Heavenly Father and really make it simple and clear.

One of the ladies we were teaching moved to Turkey and doesn't know if she is coming back at all to Savonlinna.
Things are going well! We had splits which was fun. Elder Gorringe is very good at speaking! He's a lot better than me. It was a ton of fun though.

My talk went alright. I wrote so small I couldn't see my notes. I like studderded my way through it until finally ended it and then I just spoke. When I just speak and not worry about notes, I'm so much better. It ended very well :) When I was just speaking up there, that's when I realized that i can speak another langauge. I*M BILINGUAL!!! Understanding is still ridiculously hard though.

I'm going to go buy a compy tie. Got to look like a team walking into comference.

Not sure, what to do with the package. Take a shot and send it to the mission office this time, if i don't get it, i can just order it and they will put a little fee on my tab. Thank you for that.

I hope all is well at home. I love you all. I don't know what else to say. Take care.

Vanhin Behnke

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