Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

What a wonderful Mother's Day it was.  We called Brian at 10:00pm our time on Sunday evening which was 7am his time on Monday morning.

He sounded GREAT!!!  He is currently in a threesome with Elders Slade and Linn - he says they are AWESOME!  I asked him where he sleeps in his little apartment and Elders Slade and Linn have the twin beds and Brian has the couch - we asked him WHY he has the couch (if they outranked him) but he said he is the smallest one so he gets it and it is downright comfy!

The Branch President there in Savonlinna has moved which left only 3 members with the priesthood there in their small little branch of 13 - Elder Behnke, Elder Slade and Elder Linn.  Yep - they are the ONLY priesthood in the branch.  So, they have been busy!

It is beginning to warm up there.  In fact, come Thursday it will be warmer in Finland than here in Denver - 70 degrees - wow.  That is a far cry from the -30 degree weather this winter.  The ice has melted and it looks so beautiful, Brian absolutely LOVES it there.  He says that Elders Slade and Linn think it is the most beautiful place they have served in Finland.

Brian is becoming quite the chef - he is trying to master Finnish cooking - he is expecting to test it out on us when he returns.  I am thinking reindeer pizza isn't something I am willing to even give a try.  Yuck!  He loves it and they put some sort of Devil Sauce on it too, I'll pass!  :)

Of course he had to chat about the NFL draft -

Scott wanted him to speak Finnish so he read a paragraph out of Preach My Gospel - all I can say is WOW!  It is amazing how much they can learn when immersed in the language and the life there.

I think the best part is really not WHAT he said - it is just hearing his voice.  I could tell how happy he was and that makes me very very happy!

Friday will mark Brian's 7th month on his mission.  He says he felt like it was just yesterday that he saw us (which was December) so that means the time is really going quickly for him, unlike his poor mother!

He thanks everyone for their letters, prayers and support.

Donna :)

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  1. Clint said it seems like his mission has lasted 3 months. That was in reply to when his dad said it seemed like 3 years. Glad you had a great phone call:)