Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010

Hey Family,

Conference was GREAT!  We went to Kuopio and stayed with Elders Sharp and Sermon.   Did you see Elder Holland's talk?  That was awesome.  I love General Conference, we didn't get to see Priesthood on Saturday night because the English wouldn't go through but we watched it in Finnish.  The saturday morning sessions we watch live in Finland at 7pm.  The other are recorded and we watch them.  We didn't get to see the last session though.

Thanks for the pictures of your luncheon.  Elder Campbell is a stud.  He is so good at Finnish!  Incredible.  He's way nice too.  It sounds like you had a good time.  I have met every one of the those sister's son's out here except for Elders Young, May and Powell.  I will meet Elder May at Zone Conference.

We have a new investigator we are working with.  We have a goal to have a baptism by May 1st and that is what we are striving for.  We are teaching our new investigator tonight.  One of the ladies we were teaching is moving to Lahti (where my dear friend Elder Lytle is).

The weather is nice and bad at the same time.  It feels so good but there is slush and puddles everywhere!  I really like it though.  Summer is coming through!

Chris is looking good eh?  He said he has been working out.  He's a stud.  I sent him a letter with chocolate in it.

NEWS:  I bought a Finnish cookbook to go along with my apron!  :)  I am learning to cook!!!!  Through trial and error (lots of error).  I should come back amazing in the kitchen.  BELIEVE!!!

Did Ellie see that new dragon movie?  There are advertisements about it everywhere around here.

Story:  Ok, so for General Conference we stayed the weekend in Kuopio with the elders there.  On Sunday night after the last session Elder Sharp gave me and Elder Falk the keys to the apartment because he was staying with another elder to clean up and there was only 4 spots in the car so we went ahead to the apartment.  On Monday morning, we got ready and left and headed back to Joensuu with Elders Falk and Watson.  Our train left from there to Savonlinna at 12:30.  At 11:50, while sitting in Joensuu I got a phone call from Elder Sharp.  He asked me if I  had the keys to the apartment.  I reached in my pocket and there they were!!!  NOOOOO!!!!!  Elder Beard and I had to take a 3 hour train BACK to Kuopio to give them the keys then a 3 hour bus ride from Kuopio to Savonlinna.  Rough night!  :)

That's all that is going on.

Vanhin Behnke

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  1. Oops about the keys. I love that on conference weekend we are doing the same thing as out boys:)