Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

Hey Family,

It's cool about the gloves. I'm find something. Good thing it's warming up quick. The lake is completely melted now. WOO HOO!

Mail. I guess there has been somekind of volcano eruption in Iceland or Greenland or some place. Well, because of this, all flights have been shut down. This means mail is not getting here. So, that's the heads up. I haven't received anything in awhile. I don't know where he should send packages. Letters to the mission office but i'm not sure about packages. I would wait for a little bit until I know where i go, if i go.

Change calls are Saturday. If there is a change in Savonlinna, I will not be writing you back until Wednesday. Change calls are nuts. No one knows what's going to happen. Apparently, it's just like Elder Rasband's talk you sent me. Thank you very much by the way. I really liked them. Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Your Happily Ever After was one of the best talks I've ever read. But, change calls is just like that on a mission scale. Mission Presidents get revelation where to send their missionaries just like an Apostle gets revelation to where a missionary goes. Cool. If I had to guess, Elder Beard leaves and I stay here. Just guessing though cause nobody knows.

The collge thing went good. There was 35 students. 34 were girls. So we just told them what's up. We told them about how it all started and stuff like that. We answer so questions it was good. Currenty, we have 5 investigators with 6 refferals we need to contact. Things are happening.

We had zone conference. I love zone conference. There are some awesome studs in my zone. I love my zone. We have district meeting on thurdays which should be good. Change calls on Saturday. Saturday is a holiday. We have to be inside our apartment by a specific time for obvious reasons.

Heads up! Do not be alarmed at the purchase of about 40 euros or something from K City Market. I had to use my home money to buy groceries because my reimbursemnts didn't go through. But I got all the money back. So were good.

This is what I need. Is everyone going to be home? If not, we can change the day. I will be calling in the morning between 8-11 your time probably. I will let you know a more exact time next week. I only have 40 minutes to talk. Just a heads up. Also, Dad, who did the Packers get? Mail is getting here so I won't probably be getting a package soon. Hook me up!

Dad, the pictures of the castle with the light coming out of the hole which you thought was a coffin, is the toilet. It goes right outside. It was cool.

That's all I got.

Talk you you soon
Vanhin Behnke


  1. His letters make me smile! Can't wait for those calls!!!!!!

  2. Me too Nancy!!!! I am counting the days.