Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

I am in Savonlinna with Elder Beard for another change. With change calls, anything can happen. There is no set thing at all. But, i hear, that usually a missionary is in his starter city for a while. So I'm not surprized, I am still here. I'm a little suprized Elder Beard is still here though. Usually, you are with your companion for about 2 changes but 3 isn't rare. 

I belive it was Drew Boettcher's birthday last Monday (March 15). Can you tell him i said Happy Birthday. Speaking of which, I saw a Finnihs Drew and a Finnish Tyler Pattishaw (clearly not as big but looked like him). It was funny. They spoke Finnish and everything. haha

Haven't heard from My Missionarys in America in a while. I think the chain letter should be coming in about 3 weeks though. Did you write them?

The castle was sweet. Sorry I haven't told you about it, we didn't go until last tuesday with our district. It was way cool. I got pictures. I will send them to you through email next time. Hopefully you get them. Our district was Elders: Me, Beard, Falk, Watson, Oseen, Sharp.

Food. What of the chocolate did everyone like? Specifics. I did try Piima. I tried it my second week here. Yes, it is everything Elder Gorringe said it was, haha. I had reindeer pizza!! Best pizza i have had yet in Finland. It was awesome!!!

That's all from me. I will talk to you all soon. See ya

Vanhin Behnke

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