Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

Hello my family,

To start off, I did get your package that you sent with all the "green" stuff.  I got that on the first day I got in.  I got the dearelder you sent that was pretty old.  I think it was before I left the MTC.  Stick to sending me emails because takes so long.

Thank you for the "green" package - I loved it.  I used like everything from it already.  I needed so many things from the store and then I opened the package and it had all of the things in it that I needed, it was good.

Things here are going ok.  The lady we have been teaching keeps canceling on us last minute.  She is so shy and we don't know how to meet with her.  We have taught a couple of other people but no one right now is really interested.

Finnish is way hard.  No big breakthrough there.  :)  It's hard talking to people when you have no idea what they are saying back.  And it also is hard talking to people when you have no idea what you are saying in the first place.  :)  The tunnel is long and dark but there's a small light and I'm working towards it.

Savonlinna is a beautiful place.  It is going to be incredible in the summer.  Who knows, I might still be here.

The food here is amazing.  I love dinner appointments.  They are the greatest events of all time.  I have no idea what anyone is saying at the dinner table but I focus on the little victories like "Yes, I got 2 words in that conversation!"  But it's ok.  The juice here is unbelievable.  It's all freshly squeezed and awesome.  This one dinner that was made for us was this fish.  It was so good but I was stuffing the rafters.  :)  The ice cream here is unlike anything you can find in America.  It's awesome.  Every flavor, brand, everything.  They chop up their ice cream.   They slice it up like loaves of bread and you take a couple slabs.  It's awesome.  One dinner appointment, we were served fish soup. would have loved it.  There are some weird things though like some of their pizza toppings.  We had tuna and mushroom pizza.  It was alright but I could have done without it.

There are these kebab places, they are so good.  I got this 2 foot burrito thing that was awesome.  This is a great place.  Finland is one of a kind.

I speak in church in 2 weeks.  It's not a big deal.  It only has to be like a 20-30 minute talk in a language I don't really understand.  Should be easy!

We do our emails in the library here.  There is only one computer that we can't use for more than 15 minutes so we have to take turns using it.

Tell me what is going on at home, I love to hear about all your news.

Vanhin Behnke

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