Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

Hey Fam,

How are things at home?  I hope things are going well in America.  In Finland,  it's freezing!  Everyone in Finland is saying the winter's are back.  I guess it has been pretty warm for the past 7 years and the cold winters have returned.  GREAT!!!!  I have to go buy new mittens today and maybe a new beanie.  I think I'm going to stick with the coat for awhile, it's not giving me trouble.  The boots work fine.  I need to buy a big dictionary too.  Plus, a bike - I'm pretty sure I need one cause this whole walking around on foot thing isn't getting us too far in our half hour walk to church and stuff.

I got your FedEx package.  It was weird in your letter, I read that Auli is Sister Vomia's daughter as we were leaving to go visit Sister Vomia  She is awesome!  She is so nice!  It's also a good feeling when we go and see her.

I am still trying to get a hold of things.  Language is coming super slowly but it's coming.  It's still pretty nerve-racking walking up to people and just opening into the gospel but I'm doing it.  I have no idea what is said but so I just bear my testimony, it's all I can do anyway.  :)

We do have an investigator.  WOO HOO!!   Her friend lives in Helsinki asked us to take her a Book of Mormon with her testimony inside.  We knocked on her door, gave it to her, and asked her if we could come back and she said yes.  The assistants to the president called us after they talked to her friend in Helsinki and told us that she said that she "felt so good when they were here".  This is great!  We taught her once, she is reading the Book of Mormon, and we meet again tomorrow.  She is coming to church this week.  I have a really good feeling about her.  My hopes are high.  I can't wait to actually understand a word she says! She has a different dialect than everyone else.  She's from Turku and I'm trying to learn these eastern dialects.  It's tough.

I had a guy answer the door naked!! That was the end of the story.  Nothing happened in that door approach.  :)

Other than that, I'm trying to get adjusted.

Love you all

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